PS4 - Remote play without a PSN account

For whatever reason, some genius at Sony thought it would make sense to make having an activated PSN account mandatory in order to be able to use remote play.
Since firmware 7.0, you must provide your PSN account ID, which is a unique 8 bytes identifier tied to your PSN account.

I don't want to offer Sony my private data just for the privilege to use remote play on my lan, so I was glad to find that you can avoid creating a PSN account and still be able to register new devices.

It does need your PS4 to be jailbroken for at least a few minutes though, and generating a fake account ID, which I guess if you ever plan on using a real PSN account, could have unforeseen consequences. You've been warned.


Activate Offline Account YourUserName (0000000000000000)

Apollo fake account registration Apollo fake account registration Apollo fake account registration

python -c 'import base64;print( "Your 8 bytes, base64 encoded account ID is : " + base64.b64encode(int( "1a2b3c4d5e6f7a8b", 16 ).to_bytes(8, "little")).decode())'

Make sure to replace 1a2b3c4d5e6f7a8b with your generated ID
The base64 ID will look like that : i3pvXk08Kxo=. Alternatively, use the following script :
or run it online:

Bonus : Fix Android's broken Dualshock 4 layout

What I wanted to achieve was use the libre software chiaki on my old android tablet. While the client works great, it looks like the default layout for the Dualshock 4 on android is sub-optimal, not to say sucky. At least you can connect your DS4 via bluetooth as a regular gamepad, and not need a 3rd party app like for the DS3, so there's progress there.

To fix the layout, you need to own your hardware, which means it has to be rooted, since we'll be accessing some system files.
You also have to enable developer mode and USB debugging, and install ADB on your computer.

You then have to put a file with the correct layout in /system/usr/keylayout.


Your DS4 should now be mapped correctly.

Sources & More

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Android keylayout :
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