VAG file format

Code examples

VAG is the PlayStation single waveform data format for ADPCM-encoded data of sampled sounds, such as piano sounds, explosions, and music. The typical extension in DOS is “.VAG”.

See FileFormat47.pdf, p.209

Audio to VAG conversion

We have to convert the audio file to RAW data first :

ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -f s16le -ac 1 -ar 44100 tmp.dat

then use wav2vag to convert the data, making sure the -freq= parameter matches the -ar value used above :

wav2vag tmp.dat output.vag -sraw16 -freq=44100


You can find a graphical editor in the PsyQ sdk named VAGEDIT.exe.

C VAG structure

Here is a structure definition to access the VAG header :

See FileFormat47.pdf, p.209 for full description.

typedef struct VAGhdr {                 // All the values in this header must be big endian
        char id[4];                     // VAGp         4 bytes -> 1 char * 4
        unsigned int version;           // 4 bytes
        unsigned int reserved;          // 4 bytes
        unsigned int dataSize;          // (in bytes) 4 bytes
        unsigned int samplingFrequency; // 4 bytes
        char  reserved2[12];            // 12 bytes -> 1 char * 12
        char  name[16];                 // 16 bytes -> 1 char * 16
        // Waveform data after that
} VAGhdr;

VAG & SPU Docs